Annual Popcorn Sale


REASONS TO SELL:   The Fall Popcorn sale is our major fundraiser and helps us support our program.  Over 70% of popcorn sales go directly to our Troop, Pack, and Council, and we need the help of everyone to make this year’s fundraiser a success.  


The money we receive from popcorn sales allows us to pay for Scout handbooks, patches, summer camp, and the many trips and activities throughout the year, and allows our Council to pay for camp upkeep and the professional staff necessary to support Scouts throughout the Adirondacks. A strong popcorn sale helps us avoid holding multiple fundraisers throughout the year, so we can focus more on Scouting and less on fundraising.


SALES GOAL:  Our sales goal for each Scout this year is a minimum of $300 in popcorn – but we know many Scouts will sell even more.   We had several Scouts last year sell nearly $1,000 in popcorn, and earn some great prizes as a result.


DEADLINES:  All popcorn orders are due to your Den Leader or Scoutmaster NO LATER THAN MONDAY, OCTOBER 26TH, 2015 for Cub Scouts, and WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 28TH for Boy Scouts. Popcorn will be available to fulfill customer orders around November 22nd.  Please don't wait until the last minute to start selling your popcorn.


PAYMENTS:  We highly recommend that Scouts collect payments from customers at the time an order is placed. In certain situations, payment may also be collected when popcorn is delivered. Make checks payable to “Cub Scout Pack 5” (the Troop and Pack have a joint bank account, so even Boy Scouts selling popcorn should have checks made payable to Pack 5, not Troop 5).   PLEASE DO NOT DELIVER POPCORN TO CUSTOMERS UNTIL FULL PAYMENT IS RECEIVED.   SCOUT FAMILIES ARE PERSONALLY LIABLE FOR ALL POPCORN DELIVERED WITHOUT PAYMENT!!!!!



  • Everyone who sells at least one item will receive a popcorn patch.
  • Great individual Scout incentive program this year – check the Trails End popcorn brochure (unless you are new to Scouting, you should have received this in the mail) – if you don’t have a current year brochure/order form, contact a leader for an extra copy) for details.
  • Sell $450 or more in popcorn and receive a special "Fish Club" fishing bobber.
  • Sell $750 or more in popcorn and receive a new fishing tackle box (with tackle) and an invitiation to a special fishing day on June 4th, 2016 at Camp Wakpominee.  

HOW TO SELL:   There are three ways Scouts can sell popcorn this fall:


Show and SellsWe have arranged to sell popcorn at Lowe’s (Plattsburgh) this fall. We ask that each Scout and at least one adult member of each Scout family attend a minimum of four hours of Show and Sell events in order to adequately staff our sales table.  Popcorn sold by Scouts during a Show and Sell counts towards earning sales prizes, so this is a great way to rack up sales quickly!    Upcoming Show and Sell dates currently scheduled are as follows:


    • Sunday, September 20th - Lowes (Plattburgh) - 10am-4pm
    • Sunday, September 27th - Lowes (Plattburgh) - 10am-4pm
    • Saturday, October 17th - Lowes (Plattburgh) - 10am-4pm
    • Sunday, October 18th - Lowes (Plattburgh) - 10am-4pm
    • Saturday, October 24th - Lowes (Plattburgh) - 10am-4pm


Take Orders – Scouts go door to door (with an adult!) to sell, or a parent takes an order form to work to take orders from co-workers.   Popcorn will be available for delivery around November 22nd.   Collect money at the time you take orders.  


Online Sales -- In addition to traditional face to face sales and Show and Sells, Scouts have the option of selling popcorn online to friends and family in distant locations. To get started, go to and, in the upper right-hand corner, click "Sign In" (if you already have a Trails End account from last year) or "Create an Account" if you need to set up a new account.     

When setting up an account for online sales, please note that your Council is Twin Rivers Council, your District is Adirondack, and your Unit is PACK 8005 (Boy Scouts should also select “Pack 8005” – the Pack and Troop coordinate our popcorn sales jointly and share the proceeds).


Please note that this is a more expensive product option for customers, and so we do not recommend it for local sales -- but it's a great way to sell to extended family members and friends who live out of the area.


QUESTIONS?: Please contact one of your leaders, or Rick Weerts (Committee Chairman,, 834-9555) if you have any questions on this year's sale.