Tiger Cub Den

Tiger Cubs, BSA is an exciting program for 1st grade boys and an adult partner.   Tiger Cub Dens meet two to three times monthly and follow the Tiger Cub motto of "Search, Discover, Share".  Adult partners are strongly encouraged to attend Den meetings with the Scout.
Recognizing boys for their accomplishments plays an important role throughout the Scouting program.  When a Tiger Cub learns the Tiger Cub Motto and Promise, the Scout earns a specially designed Tiger Paw Pocket Totem.  Boys then earn an orange activity bead for each Den activity in which they participate, and a white family activity bead for every five family activities completed, which are then displayed proudly on the Tiger Paw Pocket Totem. 
The Bobcat Badge is the first badge of rank earned by every new Cub Scout.   It is earned by learning the Cub Scout motto, promise, handshake, salute, sign, the meaning of Webelos, the Law of the Pack, and learning about the Arrow of Light.   Tiger Cubs first work on earning their Bobcat Badge, and then move on to earn their Tiger Badge.
The Tiger Badge is earned by completing the requirements in the Tiger Cub Handbook.  Upon completion of these requirements, the Tiger Cub will earning the diamond-shaped Tiger Cub Badge.   This badge is worn on the left pocket of the blue Cub Scout uniform shirt.